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I practice Evolutionary Astrology (EA), a branch of Western Astrology founded by Jeffrey Wolf Greene, where the focus is on spiritual growth and evolution through a deeper understanding of our past and current lives. The birthchart is viewed as a blueprint of the soul; understanding one's chart is the path to working with the astrological forces. I see all charts as a toolbox and a treasure chest. Charts are filled with gifts that we have at our fingertips to utilize how we choose - we can live in harmony with these forces. While I believe that much is fate, I also believe that it is our free will and choice that determine the paths we take and the capacity with which our lives are full of rich meaning.


Originally from Chicago, I am a mom of 2 grown sons and a traveler. I am a lover of the ocean and the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I now live next to a 500-acre forest. I hold a BFA in sculptural ceramics and an MA in linguistics. A lover of languages, je parle francais and some Spanish; I believe that astrology is a language of the soul.  In my spare time, I am a mosaic artist with a passion for projects that take me across the world (

About Cindy:

I have been studying astrology since the age of 10 when my best friend and I found a book on astrology. We were immediately amazed, delighted, and hooked.  In my teens, I continued exploring astrology further after an introduction to Robert Hand’s, Planets in Transit. In college, books by Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks & The Nature of Personal Reality were a life-changing introduction into the world of metaphysics. As an avid reader and lifelong student my astrology and metaphysics book collection continues to grow as I seek to learn all that I can.

I have attended numerous astrology conferences and have hosted several workshops for Kaypacha. Most recently studying with Kaypacha & Adam Gainsburg at the Living Sky Astrology Retreat in Bhutan (2019). 2021-2022 I was faculty for the New Paradigm School of Astrology and have been reading charts for about 20 years.

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