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I offer private 45, 60 & 90-minute recorded chart readings

and group lectures via Zoom.

During a chart reading, we gain a deeper understanding of the self,

our strengths, challenges, and opportunities.

We gain clarity and insight into the paths and choices ahead.

If you would like an overview of the key energies from previous lifetimes and themes for this lifetime but not yet ready for a full reading, this is a good introduction. 

Initial consultation - $100

Follow-up consultation - $75

45 minutes

A deeper exploration into the key dynamics of previous lifetimes to help understand and navigate the ‘why’ of this lifetime and investigating current planetary transits to your natal chart.

Initial consultation - $125

Follow-up consultation - $100

60 minutes

This is ideal if you’d like to combine an exploration of your key energies from previous lifetimes, themes for/ the ‘why’ of this lifetime to answer any questions you currently have. Depending on your interests and needs, together we can look further into current and upcoming planetary transits to your natal chart, as well as progressions, solar return (birthday), and/or relocation.

Initial consultation - $150

Follow-up consultation - $125

90 minutes

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